Logic Lane Conditioner

Through extensive Throbot™ testing, Brunswick quantified the performance of the top conditioners on the market today. From this data, Logic lane conditioner was developed using the best attributes. The result was the most predictable conditioner on the market to date. Logic blends top-grade oils with an enhanced additive package. The result is a low lubricity conditioner with great durability and ball motion on harder, less aggressive surfaces. When performance is what your bowler’s want, the choice is pure Logic.
  • 100% solids, 43.0 viscosity
  • Durable and resistant to carry down
  • Consistent performance
  • Compatible with all lane surfaces
  • 100% silicone free
  • Eliminates the negative effect of carry down on ball motion
  • Blended for top performance on low friction surfaces
  • Part Number
  • 62-860162-005